Luke Foster: A Multifaceted Innovator

About Me

Introducing Luke Foster, a hardworking and adaptable student who will soon graduate from Arizona State University. Luke will earn a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences, with a focus on neurology and behavior sciences, studying the complexities of the human brain and how it works. In addition to that, Luke is enthusiastic about technology, statistics, and economics.

Luke has acquired important experience in the advanced areas of cryptography and decentralized finance, using his abilities to create new systems that improve service and money transfers. He has also advised multiple crypto projects, showing his extensive knowledge of the blockchain world.

Determined to create a positive impact, Luke has provided technical help to the Blockchain at ASU project and has significantly aided a graduate student in the Maley lab with research and lab slide preparation. At present, he is cooperating with the Arizona Cancer and Evolution Palliative Care Group to convert health data from the All of Us program into useful information about palliative care and its effects on cancer outcomes. As a soon-to-be graduate with a wide range of skills, Luke Foster is a talented individual with the potential to make notable contributions in science, technology, and finance.

Projects & Organizations

Blockchain at ASU

Lead multiple talks on DEFI and crypto


Crypto and Tech investment Fund

DEFI: Sunaj

Lending Service

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Discord: Cool Guy#0311